Chairman of the Board of Directors

General Director of KazTransGas Aimak, JSC;

Ibulla D. Serdiyev

Mr.Serdiyev was born on 31 January, 1976 in Mangystau oblast.

- The Kazakh academy of transport and communication of M. Tynyshpayev, the engineer - economist (1999);
- The Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev, oil and gas business.


Work experience:
- In gas sector he has been working since 2003.
- From 2003 to 2005 he was a chief specialist of department of monitoring of contracts and tender procedures of the JSC “Intergas Central Asia”.

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General Director of Intergas Central Asia, JSC

Chairman of the Management Board


Mr. Kasseyev was born on August 14, 1967 in East-Kazakhstan oblast.
Education: Graduate of Kazakh Polytechnical Institute (1991) named after V.I. Lenin, Engineer.

1991 – 1998,  Management positions in commercial entities.

1998 – 2001, Director of Ust-Kamenogorsk Gas Management Administration, LLP, then Deputy Managing Director of Alautransgas, OJSC.

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Deputy General Director on Economics and Finance, KazTransGas, JSC


Independent Director


Independent Director



9 июня - день национального траура
The traditional annual contest for the Best in Profession, Uzdik Maman-2019 started in KazTransGas group of companies

The traditional annual contest for the Best in Profession, Uzdik Maman-2019 started in KazTransGas group of companies 10-11 April, 2019 The group of companies of the national operator, KazTransGas, JSC gave a start to the Uzdik Maman-2019 annual contest that has already evolved into a traditional event to test the professional proficiency of the operational personnel.

In Intergas Central Asia, JSC this contest is set in two rounds covering 15 professions, with the aim to enhance the level of the employees involvement in ensuring accident free, high-performance operations and high technical reliability of the gas transmission system, raising the prestige of the vocational profession.

The first round addresses the testing in 4 professions: Operator for Oil and Gas Production, Driller, Drilling Assistant and Oil and Gas Well Survey Operator based in Zhambyl region on the site of the Akyrtobe underground gas storage facility. The second round implies testing under 11 professions list and will take place in June of the current year on the basis of the Karaozek, newly commissioned compressor station in Kyzylorda region.

Contest participants compete in competence and knowledge of production related issues in theory and in practice, as well as in the area of compliance with safety regulations.

According to the results of the first round of the contest, the following winners in each nomination were selected:

Operator for Oil and Gas Production

1st place, Kudret Shermetov, Shymkent UMG

2nd place, Zhenis Yusupov, Aktobe UMG

3d place, Yernur Mandirbayev, Taraz UMG


1st place, Kanat Nurtayev, Aktobe UMG

2nd place, Kassimbek Sarsembayev, Taraz UMG

3d place, Aibek Niyazov, Aktobe UMG

Drilling Assistant

1st place, Malik Moldatayev, Taraz UMG

2nd place, Adil Kozhakhmetov, Taraz UMG

3d place, Yerbol Mirzabekov, Shymkent UMG

Well Survey Operator

1st place, Timur Ayazbayev, Taraz UMG

2nd place, Kanat Bisembayev, Aktobe UMG

3d place, Aidar Khairbekov, Taraz UMG

At the awarding ceremony, the Chairman of the Trade Union of the company personnel, Shalkar Mazhenakov noted that the Uzdіk Maman contest is an important element in improvement of the professional skills, identification of the key employees and implementation of new initiatives at workplaces aimed at improving of the production efficiency.

“Conducting of the Uzdіk Maman helps to attract the youth for training and employment in vocational professions. This is particularly relevant in the current year which is declared the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan, since such events illustrate the demand in vocational skills for future”, said Shalkar Mazhenakov.

The Uzdіk Maman prize winners are also granted a salary increment in appreciation of their high professional skills.



KazTransGas, JSC is the national operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan in gas industry and gas supply business. KazTransGas group of companies include businesses and companies operating in production, transportation and sales of gas and gas processed products.

Intergas Central Asia is a subsidiary of KazTransGas, JSC and represents its interests in sector of natural gas transmission through the main pipelines.

The traditional annual contest for the Best in Profession, Uzdik Maman-2019 started in KazTransGas group of companies
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Kazakhstan to increase annual gas exports to china up to 10 billion cubic m per year
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