Chairman of the Board of Directors

General Director of KazTransGas Aimak, JSC;

Ibulla D. Serdiyev

Mr.Serdiyev was born on 31 January, 1976 in Mangystau oblast.

- The Kazakh academy of transport and communication of M. Tynyshpayev, the engineer - economist (1999);
- The Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev, oil and gas business.


Work experience:
- In gas sector he has been working since 2003.
- From 2003 to 2005 he was a chief specialist of department of monitoring of contracts and tender procedures of the JSC “Intergas Central Asia”.

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General Director of Intergas Central Asia, JSC

Chairman of the Management Board


Mr. Kasseyev was born on August 14, 1967 in East-Kazakhstan oblast.
Education: Graduate of Kazakh Polytechnical Institute (1991) named after V.I. Lenin, Engineer.

1991 – 1998,  Management positions in commercial entities.

1998 – 2001, Director of Ust-Kamenogorsk Gas Management Administration, LLP, then Deputy Managing Director of Alautransgas, OJSC.

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Deputy General Director on Economics and Finance, KazTransGas, JSC


Independent Director


Independent Director



9 июня - день национального траура
Management of risks

Risk Management System

The risk management system adopted by Intergas Central Asia, JSC is implemented in accordance with the unified approach set forth in the Corporate Risk Management System (CRMS), establishing the process aimed at the timely identification and assessment of risks, monitoring, and the development and implementation of actions to reduce the negative impact or probability of the risk events occurrence that may affect the Company's strategic and operational goals.

The CRMS is a set of combined principles, methods and procedures that ensure the introduction and effective functioning of the risk management process with the major objective to build in an vertically integrated risk management process and its smooth operation at every level of the Company's management.

In its activities, Intergas Central Asia, JSC is guided by the approved Risk Management Policy, which describes the goals, objectives and basic principles of the structure and operation of the risk management process in the Company.

In order to implement the Risk Management Policy, the following internal documents have been approved:

• Rules for the process to manage production and non-production risks;

• Methodology for identification and assessment of risks, selection of risk management methods;

• Regulations on the Risk Committee of Intergas Central Asia, JSC.

The Board of Directors of Intergas Central Asia, JSC on annual basis approves the Register and the Map of production / non-production risks, Risk Appetite Statement, Key Risk Indicators and Risk Management Action Plan. Further, the Company maintains an ongoing monitoring of the risks dynamics and the implementation of actions for risk mitigation.

Risk Management Policy of Intergas Central Asia, JSC.pdf