General Director of Intergas Central Asia, JSC

Chairman of the Management Board


Mr. Kasseyev was born on August 14, 1967 in East-Kazakhstan oblast.
Education: Graduate of Kazakh Polytechnical Institute (1991) named after V.I. Lenin, Engineer.

1991 – 1998,  Management positions in commercial entities.

1998 – 2001, Director of Ust-Kamenogorsk Gas Management Administration, LLP, then Deputy Managing Director of Alautransgas, OJSC.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors


Deputy General Director on Economics and Finance, KazTransGas, JSC


Independent Director


Independent Director



10 января 2022 года - день общенационального траура в Республике Казахстан
General Information

Incorporated in July 1997, joint stock company Intergas Central Asia is responsible for operation and technical maintenance of the gas transportation networks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Company is a subsidiary of the National Company QazaqGaz, JSC and represents the interests of the group in the area of transmission of natural gas through the main gas pipeline system. The NC QazaqGaz, JSC is the major gas supply company in the Republic of Kazakhstan representing the interests of the government both, on the domestic and international gas market.

In July 2018, pursuant to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Intergas Central Asia, JSC was granted the status of the National Operator on the Main Gas Pipelines Transmission.

Currently, Intergas Central Asia is responsible for the domestic transmission and international transit of natural gas across the territory of Kazakhstan through the main gas pipelines with the total length of 20 612.63 kilometres, including 7 007.32 kilometres of the third party’s networks contracted to the Company for technical maintenance and servicing, and 2 790.71 km of off-take branch pipelines.

Gas transportation is carried out by 32 compressor stations equipped with 319 gas compressor plant units, further on contractual basis, the company services and maintains CS-1 Bozoi, CS Karaozek, CS Korkyt Ata, CS Aral and CS Turkestan.

Intergas Central Asia operates three underground gas storages (“UGS”) where the biggest one (active storage capacity 4,000,000 thousand cub.m), Bozoi UGS, is located in Aktobe region. The others are Poltoratskoye UGS (active storage capacity 350,000 thousand cub.m) located in the Turkistan region and Akyrtobe UGS (active storage capacity 300,000 thousand cub.m) in Zhambyl region.

The gas transportation system of main gas pipelines is operated by the structural Branches of Intergas Central Asia, JSC, being its production divisions for main gas pipelines management (“UMG”), including:

Atyrau Branch: Makat – Northern Caucasus MGP, Central Asia – Center MGP including the loopings;

Aktau Branch: Central Asia – Center MGP; Okarem – Beineu MGP, including the loopings; Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent MGP; Uzen-Zhetybai-Aktau MGP;

Uralsk Branch: Orenburg – Novopskov MGP; Soyuz MGP; Central Asia – Center MGP, including the loopings; Karachaganak-Uralsk MGP;

Aktobe Branch: Bukhara – Ural MGP; Zhanazhol – Oktyabrsk – Aktobe gas pipeline with loopings; Zhanazhol – CS-13 MGP; Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent MGP; Kozhasai-CS-12 MGP;

Kostanay Branch: Bukhara – Ural MGP; Kartaly –Rudnyi – Kostanay MGP;

Shymkent Branch: Bukhara Gas Bearing Region – Tashkent – Bishkek – Almaty MGP; Gazlee – Shymkent MGP; Kazakhstan-China MGP; Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent MGP;

Taraz Branh: Bukhara Gas Bearing Region – Tashkent – Bishkek – Almaty MGP, Amangeldy – CS-5 gas pipeline; Kazakhstan-China MGP;

Almaty Branch: Bukhara Gas Bearing Region – Tashkent – Bishkek – Almaty MGP; Almaty-Baiserke- Talgar MGP; Kazakhstan-China MGP; Baiserke-Kapshagai MGP; Almaty-Taldykorgan MGP;

Kyzylorda Branch: Akshabulak – Kyzylorda MGP; Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent MGP; Saryarka MGP;

Karaganda Branch: Saryarka MGP.

Other structural units of the Company comprise:

The Engineering and Technical Center Branch of Intergas Central Asia, JSC established in 1996, is a unique in its kind sectorial diagnostics center for the gas industry which provides the maintenance support for pipeline compressor stations and line facilities, gas distribution stations, underground gas storages of the main gas pipelines system of Kazakhstan. Specialists of the Engineering and Technical Center have been trained and certified in various types of non-destructive testing in the best training centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Europe. The ETC has obtained all the necessary permits and authorization documents to carry out the work on technical diagnostics of equipment at the production facilities and has at its disposal advanced equipment from leading world manufacturers, which allows it to perform commissioning and diagnostic work at the facilities of the gas transmission system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in timely manner and with high quality.