General Director of Intergas Central Asia, JSC

Chairman of the Management Board


Mr. Kasseyev was born on August 14, 1967 in East-Kazakhstan oblast.
Education: Graduate of Kazakh Polytechnical Institute (1991) named after V.I. Lenin, Engineer.

1991 – 1998,  Management positions in commercial entities.

1998 – 2001, Director of Ust-Kamenogorsk Gas Management Administration, LLP, then Deputy Managing Director of Alautransgas, OJSC.

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Chairman of the Board of Directors


Deputy General Director on Economics and Finance, KazTransGas, JSC


Independent Director


Independent Director



10 января 2022 года - день общенационального траура в Республике Казахстан
Engineering and Technical Center

Branch Overview

The Engineering and Technical Center (“the ETC”), a branch of Intergas Central Asia, is a diagnostic center for the gas industry specializing on servicing of compressor stations, gas distribution units, underground gas storages, pipeline facilities and off-take pipelines of  main gas pipelines. The ETC has extensive experience in conducting of diagnostic works, has trained specialists and diagnostic equipment, as well as proven methods and procedures and relevant software products. Operating units of the ETC provide for diagnostic services by means of mobile specialized teams of highly qualified specialist equipped with special surveying tools and diagnostic instrumentation, gauging and trouble-shooting equipment.

Subdivision Units

ETC functions through its operating subdivision units:

-Orgtechdiagnostika Division;

-Gasenergoremont Division.

Orgtechdiagnostika Division performs technical diagnostics of the facilities of main gas pipelines and underground gas storage, and gas distribution facilities, carries out maintenance of gauging tools and means of instrumentation and power supply, provide for calibration services,  execute preventive maintenance, testing and commissioning works, and implement operational environmental monitoring of the gas transmission facilities.


Gas pipeline diagnostics with the use of remotely controlled diagnostic unit 


Operational environmental monitoring

Orgtechdiagnostika Division comprises the following subunits:

-quality control and technical diagnostics;
-technical diagnostics of main gas pipelines;
-technical diagnostics of compressor stations;
-setting up and repair of power equipment;
-calibration and analytical devices;
-operational and environmental monitoring;
-surveying and maintenance of ECP devices;
-maintenance and adjustment of blocking valves;
-maintenance of instrumentation.

Gasenergoremont Division is set to implement overhaul and medium scale repair works, and emergency response rehabilitation repair of the process equipment of compressor stations, gas turbines, compressors, equipment for gas treatment and heat recovery from exhaust gases and auxiliary equipment of CSs.

Rotor  balancing

Blocking valves repair

Turbine repair

Treatment of rotor on a profile-turning lathe

Gasenergoremont Division comprises the following subunits:

- mechanical repair shop Makat;
- comprehensive repair units;
- servicing of instrumentation and automation means;
- balancing service and defectoscopy;
- insulation repair group.

Services Overview

To perform various types of services, the specialists of the Engineering and Technical Center, a branch of JSC Intergas Central Asia, are equipped with adequate tools and instrumentation, employ trained professionals and acquired relevant technical certificates and permits to provide a range of various services. The required consent of the Committee for Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Protection of Competition of the Ministry of National Economy of the RoK for the conduct of other types of activities is obtained as well.

  1. Preventive testing, electrical and technical measurements and adjustment works at the facilities of oil, gas and power industry:

- preventive measurement and testing, inspection and maintenance of power generation plants, transformer substations, switchgear, switchboards of control stations, overhead lines and electrical tools ECP equipment;

- testing of personal protective gear and equipment;

- thermal imaging of electrical equipment;

- identification and mapping of location of damage of  high-voltage cables;

- high-voltage testing of cable lines with cross-linked polyethylene insulation;

- diagnostics of switchgear of high-voltage cut-off switches.

  1. Operational and environmental monitoring of facilities of business entities:

- analysis of samples of water and soil;

- mode setting and commissioning testing of boilers;

- checking the effectiveness of the ventilation systems functioning;

- monitoring the radiation background of industrial facilities;

- monitoring of the quality of the air on the borderline of the sanitary protection zones of the facility;

- soil analysis for content of oil products, cadmium, copper, lead;

- instrumental gauging and monitoring of hazardous emissions from boilers. 

  1. Assessment of industrial safety based on results of technical diagnostics of the equipment exceeding the standard life time at the facilities posing high risk:

- main gas pipelines, pig launching and receiving units, gas pipeline facilities (up to 1.2 MPa);

- gas turbine engine, centrifugal superchargers of gas compressor units газотурбинногодвигателя, центробежныхнагнетателейгазоперекачивающихагрегатов;

- gas distribution stations;

- load lifting mechanisms;

- vessels operating under high and low pressure (dust traps, receivers, absorbers, separators, etc.), containers for liquids (fuel tanks, odorant and methanol storage tanks, etc.);

- steam and hot water boilers, exhaust stacks of boiler houses. 

  1. Methods of nondestructive testing and technical evaluation of facilities in oil and gas, and power generation industry:

- inspection of quality of welded joints by x-ray and ultrasonic methods;

- analysis of the results of smart pigging;

- inspection of pipelines with use of remotely controlled diagnostic units (pigging);
- ultrasonic thickness measurement of pipelines, pipeline fittings and equipment;

- assessment of the condition of pipelines, vessels under high and low pressure with use of magnetic powder, ultrasound and color methods of diagnosis;

-estimation of residual operating life-time of vessels under high and low pressure, lifting mechanisms, equipment;

- examination of process flow charts for pipes installation and  welding;

- diagnostics of pipelines condition;

- vibration assessment of foundations bearing machinery and structures;

- assessment of the mechanical machinery using methods of vibration diagnostics and thermal tests;

- analysis of the chemical composition of metals and alloys;

- assessment stress-deformed state of pipelines;

- identification of methane leaks and emissions into the atmosphere;

- assessment of the condition of  pipelines insulation;

- acceptance testing of welding materials, pipes and fitting parts;

- thermal imaging inspection of machinery and equipment.

  1. Maintenance, adjustment, setting up, preparation for calibration and verification of automation and instrumentation equipment:

- maintenance, repair, adjustment and preparation of vibration and gas content assessment systems for their calibration;

- maintenance, repair and adjustment of automation systems, control systems, signaling and process monitoring systems;

- maintenance, repair and adjustment of the alarm system, fencing-warning security and fire-alarm system with thermal sensors;

- maintenance, repair and fine-tuning of control systems for boiler units and furnaces;

- testing and diagnostics of instrumentation equipment, automated process control systems and line telemechanics systems;

- maintenance, adjustment,  troubleshooting and repair of all types of existing automation systems and instrumentation devices;

- calibration, alignment, adjustment and follow-up calibration of measuring instrumentation;

- development of measurement procedures. 

  1. Production and repair of various parts and accessories:

-  turning lathe, milling, welding, locksmith, coppersmith, plumbing works;

- production of metal constructions (columns, frames, gates, racks, plinth blocks and others);

- manufacturing of handling accessories for execution of various operations (insulating machines, ring burners, and centralizers, etc.);

- works on thermal insulation of buildings and structures;

- insulation of pipelines;

- setting up of machinery equipment. 

  1. Repair of gas turbines, compressors and pumps:

- stripping and installation operations during overhaul,  medium and emergency recovery repair of turbines, compressors, pumps and other equipment;

- inspection of components and parts of turbines, compressors, pumps, etc for defects;

- restoration of parts of machines and equipment by argonarc overlapping welding;
- restoration of slider bearings with gas-flame surfacing welding;

- mechanic treatment of parts and components of turbines, compressors, pumps, etc.;

- dynamic balancing of rotors;

- application of casing sleeves on exhaust gas piping and air ducts of turbines.


Instrumentation pool used by subdivisions includes up-to-date equipment used to perform diagnostic and testing, evaluation and calibration, and other types of work.

While execution of their work, Orgtechdiagnostika personnel are using mobile laboratories equipped with the state-of-the art instrumentation devices including:

- special diagnostic laboratories on the basis of KAMAZ trucks, vehicles GAZ and UAZ -12 units;

- special laboratories for ECP means on the basis of KAMAZ trucks - 3 units;

- electrical and technical laboratories on the basis of KAMAZ truck vehicles -4 units;

- special environmental laboratories - 3 units;

- laboratories for the detection of methane leaks - 2 units;

- other laboratories (metrology, vibration diagnostics, instrumentation) - 3 units.

Mechanic and repair shop operated by Gazenergoremont Division is equipped with the following types of machinery and equipment units:

- balancing machines - 2 pcs .;

- the universal milling machines - 2 pcs.;

- turning lathe machines - 8 pcs.;

- lathes - 2 pcs .;

- lathe boring single column machine - 1 unit;

- radial drilling machines - 2 pcs.;

- welding equipment - 6 units;

- compressor type u-55 - 1 unit;

- the press - 1 unit;

- travelling crane with lifting capacity of 10tns - 1 unit;

- overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 1ton and 3.2tns - 2 units;

- hydraulic lifting machine of scissors type - 1 unit.


ETC specialists have been trained, evaluated and certified in line with requirement for different kinds of nondestructive testing (NDT) in the best training centers of Kazakhstan and Russia. The list of types of work and NDT techniques that were mastered by the personnel employed in special subdivisions is presented in the table below. The specialists are certified for 19 different types of testing and evaluation methods, some specialists are certified for 2-3 testing types, such approach allows to set up teams for combined servicing and to save manpower and costs of works.

ETC specialists entitled to perform works on the basis of relevant evaluation certificate

Number of certified specialist

Expert auditor entitled to carry out evaluation of testing equipment


Verification officer of Instrumentation Systems (IS) for acoustic values and vibration


Verification officer of IS for electrical values


Verification officer of IS for geometric values


Verification officer of IS for pressure, flow and thermal and physical values


Verification officer of IS for mass,  strength and hardness 


Verification officer of IS for physical and chemical measurements 


Expert in oil and gas industry


Expert for boilers supervision


Expert for permanent magnet generator


Specialist on welding operations of 4th level


Specialist on welding operations of 3d level


Specialist on welding operations of 2nd level


Specialist on welding operations of 1st level


Specialist on radiation safety and protection


International inspector on welding


Certified specialist on radiographic testing


Certified specialist on visual and measuring inspection


Certified specialist on visual and optical inspection


Certified specialist on ultrasonic testing


Certified specialist on vibration testing


Certified specialist on penetrant material test


Certified specialist on metal diagnostics


Certified specialist on insulation inspection


Certified specialist on geodetic surveying in construction


Certified specialist on eddy current testing


Certified specialist on electrometric testing method


Certified specialist on magnetic particle inspection


Certified specialist on thermal inspection


Certified specialist on testing by method of magnetic memory of metal


Expert on operational safety of oil and gas construction


Permits and Certificates

To perform the works, the following permits have been acquired:

  1. Qualification Certificate for the right to conduct works in the field of industrial safety KZ35VEK00003206 issued on 22.04.2015.
  2. Permits from the Committee for Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Protection of Competition of the Ministry of National Economy of the RoK.

2.1. Permit No.38-14-23/7653 of 12.06.2015. Preventive testing, electrical and technical measurement and setting up works on facilities of oil and gas industry and power sector.

2.2. Permit No.38-14-23/7654 of 12.06.2015. Operating and environmental monitoring of facilities run by business entities.

2.3. Permit No.38-14-23/7652 of 12.06.2015. Examination of industrial safety following the results of technical diagnostics of the equipment exceeded its standard service life at facilities posing high hazardous risk.

2.4. Permit No.38-14-23/7647 of 12.06.2015. Inspection of facilities using nondestructive testing methods and technical diagnostics of facilities of oil and gas industry and power sector.

2.5. Permit No.38-14-23/7651 of 12.06.2015. Maintenance, adjustment, setting up, preparation for calibration and verification of automation and instrumentation equipment.

2.6. Permit No.38-14-23/7650 of 12.06.2015. Production and repair of various purpose parts and accesories.

2.7. Permit No.38-14-23/7649 of 12.06.2015. Repair of gas turbines, compressors and pumps.

  1. Qualification certificates of laboratories accreditation.

3.1. Certificate of Accreditation No.KZ.I.09.0447 of 03.02.2015 on the Laboratory for Testing of Electrical Equipment and Electrical and Chemical Protection.

3.2. Certificate of Accreditation on technical competence of testing and calibration laboratory of the industrial and ecological monitoring No.KZ.I.09.0883.

3.3. Certificate of Accreditation for the right to calibrate measuring devices and gauges No.KZ.P.09.0696.

3.4. Certificate of Accreditation within the accreditation system of the RoK of the testing laboratory of quality assessment and technical diagnostics service No.KZ.I.09.0884. 

Pipeline testing with use of remotely controlled diagnostic unit

Visual and gauging evaluation of pipeline defects

Inspection of measurement units

Diagnostics of high pressure vessels

Evaluation of evaporation tower